9) i hope this all ends up giving me peace of mind cuz for now this all sucks. i really wish i could just say something hurtful…. imma jerk most the time anyway…. but it wouldnt leave any feeling of closure. just guilt. whatever. i need to sleep. im done. ranting usually makes me feel better…. but idk. aint workin so well right now. either way, i’ll be over it in a few days. hopefully. ok guys this is it.

8) k. look. i thought about all this for a long time. “this” being things like leaving tumblr and my other current personal situations. and i need to focus and clear the distractions.

6) i had a plan. oh man. it was perfect. yep. and then reality pile drived me right in the freakin face…. nothing has really changed. i just have less distractions now

"is this like the script you were writing?"

haha no. this is something else. a lot more personal

5) ive said this before. but being 18 sucks

4) im not gonna delete this blog. that way no one loses a follower. i just wont be here anymore

3) im gonna give myself 5 years